Immediate Moral Repulsion: The Value of Photographs to the Pro-Life Cause

“Just because something looks ugly doesn’t mean it’s morally wrong.” -Lady Bird “The immediate moral repulsion would be one of the objections to baby-killing; perhaps his chief objection to baby-killing.” -G.K. Chesterton It is a matter of controversy, among those opposed to and in favor of abortion, whether or not one should use images of […]

Searching For Steven Massof: The Ignoble Invisibility of The Fireman In Hell

Go to Wikipedia. I know it’s not always the most accurate of sources, but that’s where I first stumbled across Steven Massof. For whatever reason, this online encyclopedia article has a separate section for “Medical professionals and pseudo-medical professionals”, of whom those with the highest body count top the volume of those categorized as […]

Brigsby Bear: Every Part of You

Dave McCary’s Brigsby Bear is one of the finest films of 2017, a delightful, unsung indie gem that demonstrates the human condition has an irresistible drive to fun, family and friendship, even in absurd and unthinkable conditions. That the filmmakers, including McCary and star/co-writer Kyle Mooney would think to make a comedy out of this […]