Egyptian Gods and Nazi Frogs, Kek and Cucks: Memetic Mutation in Decision 2016

It’s no secret that the 2016 American Presidential Race has been, to put it politely, a festering heap of flaming garbage. It’s common knowledge and accepted political fact that every 4 years the voting populace has to face a Morton’s Fork of a Giant Douche or a Turd Sandwich. Like Odysseus at the Strait of Messina, we dutiful citizens often find ourselves between a rock and a hard place. The sad truth is, we’ve grown complacent, and accepted it.

2016 seemed different. Or maybe it always did. Don’t they tell us, with a regularity promised by only the most confident of laxatives, that this, no really this time, is the most important election of our lifetimes? Does the same go for the unquestionably awfulness of the choices before us? Perhaps. But whatever comes before or after, I don’t think anyone would be accusing me of hyperbole when I call the election cycle of 2016, in short, in pseudo-Victorian terms, a parade of horribles.

(I wish Tom Waits had a music video for
(I wish Tom Waits had a music video for “The Black Rider”. This is an archive photo from Maine, presented without context, but it doesn’t look so horrible.)

So we had bad candidates. Fiddle-dee. Tomorrow is another day, 2020 is another election, and despite Bill Maher’s crocodile tears about crying wolf on McCain and Romney, now honorable men apparently, dollars to donuts, whoever the Grand Old Party runs in 2024, predictible successor like Mike Pence, moderate milquetoast like John Kasich, even a principled Never-Trumper like Ben Sasse, guaranteed they’ll be demonized as “A fate worse than Trump.”

The Devil Incarnate, circa 2023
The Devil Incarnate, circa 2023

Life goes on.

But one singular curiosity I’ve observed in this particular cycle leads to fantastical alarmist in me to ascribe almost supernatural qualities to a trend. Well, “almost”. I read an article a few months back ( from which the entirety of this post is lifted, but I’ve done a little additional research of my own, and the confirmation bias only continues to confirm, and it gets darker, and creepier. And much more racist.

Oh dear. Where to begin. How about our amphibian, presently alt-rightian friend, Pepe?

Hillary Clinton’s campaign website admits that this cartoon frog meme begin life innocuously enough…

but cautions that the “alt-right”, the online assembly of trolls, basement supremacists and such, appropriated Matt Furie’s comic character into something more Trumpian, and often racist. It’s gained such viral success, variations have even made it to the Twitter feed of The Donald himself:

But Pepe’s origins go further back than 2016, entwined with Kek, much, much further.

Pepe had been in vogue for a number of years, the meme used for various things as memes are. Variations include “Sad Pepe”, “Feels Good Man”, “Bane Pepe” and so on and so forth, ad inaneum.

Oh, and Kek?

First let’s examine Kek in its (post)-modern usage. To trace this twisted path of Pepe, you have to go through the internet’s back alleys and undergrounds. Sick, crazy, prejudiced and perverse places like 4Chan and /pol. They are the spawning ground of the alt-right. They crowned Donald Trump as the God-Emperor. But before that, they got sick of “lol” (laugh-out-loud), and started using “kek” instead.

To “kek” is to laugh, and it has obscure origins, as everything does. From

The term has its origins in the Korean language, as the onomatopoeia ㅋㅋㅋ, in which ㅋ stands for the “k” sounds, like in raspy, stifled laughter. In the real-time strategy game Starcraft, because the game originally did not support the Korean language, the onomatopoeia was written as “Kekeke” which can be translated to “Hahaha” in English.

If you’re hoping this will get any easier, I warn you my friend, it will not. To go down this path is to court madness.

So a branch of the internet that used frog memes for various purposes had also started to kek, unrelated and completely unaware of the more primeval connection.

As it so turns out:

Egyptian – A primaeval god. Consort of Kekuit. With Kekuit he represented the darkness of the primordial chaos. He is depicted sometimes with a frog’s head, sometimes as a baboon. Also known as Kekui, Emen, Emen, Kek, Kek, Keku, Keku, Kuk, Kuk, Kek(u) or Kek(u).

And how do you like that? An Egyptian frog god called Kek?

Mythological images of Kek have been hard to find, because of a confusion/conflation of Kek with the water-goddess Heket, whose image the internet is promoting as Kek’s:

But coincidence and confusion are the very nature of memetic mutation, are they not? At any rate, Kek/Kuk does seem to be identified as a frog-headed god, even if images are not such readily available.

Here’s another Egyptian god, Thoth, who created Kek from Chaos:

“I, King Pepi, am THOTH, the mightiest of the gods …
Pyramid Texts, § 1237.”

The Pyramid Texts associate the pharaoh Pepi II Neferkare with the god Thoth, creator of Kek. Pepi. Kek. Frog God.

There’s also an album by the Italian disco band P.E.P.E. from the 1980s that has a frog on it, but never mind. Back to Donald Trump and his Kemetic fanatics and some more juicy/offensive coincidences.

One of the fundamental tenets of Trump’s campaign, and an issue the trollish white nationalists have clung to is the opposition to Islam. They’d have you believe we’re in a new Crusade (you look at some of ISIS/The Caliphate’s actions, one can understand at least the roots of this troubling mindset), and they respond in kind- from the safety of their keyboards of course. The Alt-Right wasn’t particularly interested in electing a president, but anointing, as I’ve said, a God Emperor:

Nativists and alarmists, they see Western Civilization as under assault by repugnant invaders, from the Mexican border and from the Middle East.

So what they’re seeking is not a democratically elected President checked and balanced by Congress and the Supreme Court, but rather a mighty king to hold off the heathen barbarians, as Charles Martel did at Tours or John III Sobieski, leader of the Christian Coalition, did at The Battle of Vienna. Examine, for example, the handle of one such Alt-Right tweeter, who calls himself “Modern Jan Sobieski” (

And his tweets go on as such.

Or how about Don John of Austria, who trumped the Ottomans at Lepanto? Any nominal similarity to Don John of Trump?

Curiouser and curiouser.

Some of the more sensible conservatives objected to Trump’s bombastic populist demagoguery and dangerous rhetoric. The alt-right promptly labeled them “cucks” for refusing to stand for Western Civilization. It’s derived of course, from cuckold, that medieval term for a man whose wife cheated on him. Which comes from the cuckoo bird, who sometime raise the eggs of another bird unknowingly.


Tell me about, Christoph. This whole thing is cuckoo.

Anyhow, in the perverted years of internet pornography, cuckold had come to have a fetishistic niche, with a racial bent: A white man watching in the corner as black man has sex with his wife. The alt-folks made this a meme, suggesting if you didn’t viciously oppose the brown invaders enough, you were a cuck! Never Trump conservative commentators such as Ben Shapiro of the Daily Wire and David French (who has a black adopted daughter) were inundated with memes, taunts and tweets about their wives and views.

Now onto some kukracitions.
“I’m referring to The God Emperor and his incoming Trumpenreich.”

Above is Milo Yiannopoulos. The quote can be found in this video:

Although he denies being a member of the Alt-Right himself, he does promote them, defend their racist memes as “silly trolling”, and share their fanatical devotion to Trump, who he idolizes as “Daddy”. The Alt-Right, in turn, champions Milo as one of their heroes. For all their trolling ways, their blatant racism, anti semitism, often homophobia, hatred of foreigners, Jews, homosexuals, and sex with African Americans…Isn’t it odd they should find such a defender and hero in Milo, a British Jew who flamboyantly flaunts his affection for black men?

Here’s another contradiction. Kek/Pepe is the herald of the God-Emperor, cucks are lower than dirt. Yet Kek and Kuk are variations of the same god.

And remember the first Don John who fought Muslims at Lepanto? Well Lepanto was part of the Ottoman-Habsburg wars. Check this out:

The German phrase kaiserlich und königlich (pronounced [ˈkaɪzɐlɪç ʔʊnt ˈkøːnɪklɪç], Imperial and Royal), typically abbreviated as k. u. k., k. und k., k. & k. in German (in all cases the “und” is always spoken unabbreviated), cs. és k. (császári és királyi) in Hungarian, c. a k. (císařský a královský) in Czech, C. i K. (Cesarski i Królewski) in Polish, c. in k. (cesarski in kraljevski) in Slovenian, c. i kr. (carski i kraljevski) in Croatian, and I.R. (imperial regio) in Italian, refers to the Court of the Habsburgs in a broader historical perspective

Weird, right? Kuks all the way down. But is Kuk a good thing or a bad thing? Who knows. It’s all made up, conspiracy theory junk.

This would be fun and intriguing if it weren’t so horribly, horribly racist:

“und KKK” is right!

Well, PC alarmists and even Secretary Clinton’s campaign retaliated on Pepe, designating the cartoon frog as a racist symbol alongside the burning cross and the swastika. Nuts, right? Putting a frog up with a swastika…

Oh gimmie a break!

Also that frog is made of nephrite, which is a word kinda similar in the beginning to Nefer…


Obviously this was thousands of years before the Nazis appropriated the Swastika. Or the alt-right appropriated Keke. Thousands of years before Donald Trump appropriated the Republican Party. But it’s all appropriation and mutation and madness.

Why did the trollers who would become the alt-right start using the cartoon frog meme Pepe in conjunction with replacing “lol” with the Korean derived “kek? Why did this coincide with the Ancient Egyptian frog god Kek/Kuk, created by Thoth, who was associated with King Pepi? Why did Don John fight Muslims on behalf of the KuK Monarchy thousands of years before Donald John vowed to against the objection of cucks? Why, why, why, why, why?

No reason.

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